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Drones threaten RC model flying

Here is the description on YouTube:

Published on Feb 11, 2013
If you fly any type of RC model airplane then you ought to be concerned that various politicians around the world are seeking to have "drones" banned. These people aren't talking about the Predator or Reaper drones we see unleashing hellfire missiles at "insurgents", they want to remove your right to fly any RC model with a camera -- or even any model capable of carrying a camera.

We (the RC and especially the FPV community) need to stand up and be heard now, before it's too late.

I'd love to hear from viewers as to how they think the RC community should respond to this threat to the hobby. Is it time to form a global FPV body which can bring the strength of numbers to weigh when challenging this threat?

And please... don't call any FPV model a "drone" -- it's an RC model (whether it has a camera or not).

Brushless UAV RQ-1 Predator Flight Review

Uploaded on Nov 30, 2010

NitroPlanes Video drone. MQ-9 Reaper UAV Revisited with Video Surveilla...

Here is the description from YouTube:

Uploaded on Dec 31, 2011
*DETAILS* PLEASE READ*. (Due to a previous crash, NitroPlanes fixed this model, before it went on the market.) I like this Reaper, although it has a weak aluminum wing spar that caused me to fold the wings ending with a bad crash a couple of years ago. It was time consuming to setup the control cables and wing flaps as the wings are very thin.. It also requires using rudder and aileron to turn, as the ailerons are weak on Pushers like this. But once you figure that all out, it is pleasing to fly. It flies very sweetly and is very smooth. It has lots of lift and can glide a long time with the flaps down. It is a fun airplane and really draws the spectators.
There is not much room in this for a camera as the Raven, but with a lightweight camera like my Cisco Flip HD, it easily can be placed anywhere on the plane.

Here are some specs:
Wing Span: 2500 mm.. (Approx 8 feet)
Weight: 2500g-2700 g
Length: 1080 mm (Approx 3 feet, 4 inches)
Wing Area: (squared)
Wing Loading: 76-83g/dm (squared)
Airfoil: Eppler 374 Modified
6 Channel Radio with 4 mini servos and 2 standard servos required.
(Without flaps-4)
Motor: (38-42) 1.7 kV, ESC: 30 amp min. with smaller motor, 40-60 amp min. with larger motor

Note* This is a camera platform. It does not need a larger motor to get high and take pictures.
Pusher Props recommended: 10x6 to 12x8, 2 bladed. 3 blade 10x6-11x6.
I used a 10x6 2 blade, non pusher, symmetrical prop.

Battery. I used an 1800 and a 2200, 11.1 volt, 3 Cell LiPo battery in mine and it works just fine.

They recommend a 3500 3S, or a 4000 4S. Overkill in my opinion! You will break the wings if you over stress this thing trying to do tight loops.

Thanks for watching and Rating.

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